How to Start a Business – Become a Trader

If you’re looking for a low risk, low cost way of getting your business up and running then you’ve come to the right place.

Our rents are low, you won’t pay rates, we have no hidden costs and no lengthy contracts.

We even have discounts and grants available. 

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The Best Way to Start a Business

If you’ve ever wondered how to start a business of your own then you’ve probably wondered what is the best way to get started.

Avoid Risk and High Costs

You’re probably looking for a low risk, low cost way to gain some experience and hone your business skills without the pressure of high rents and rates coupled to a contract that locks you in for a long period of time.

Avoid Major Online Competition

Online trading is becoming increasingly competitive with new businesses copying each others products and undercutting each other on price.  Therefore you’re probably also going to want premises where there is a little more exclusivity and you’re not fighting over the same limited number of customers as everyone else online.

Find Trusted Partners

Likewise, most shops require you to pay business rates and have large start up costs to furnish the unit.  Private landlords also sometimes hide all sorts of hidden costs in their contracts that you don’t discover until it’s too late.

Trading with us has numerous advantages such as:

Low Rents

As standard, our rents for business premises are some of the lowest in Burnley.

In addition to our competitive levels of rent we have devised a number of rent offers/incentives to help budding entrepreneurs establish themselves and cultivate a customer base gradually without the pressure of high rents and rates from day one.

If you are starting a business and want to sell a product not already being offered then you will be eligible for one of these rent incentives.


Because our rent incentives only apply to products not already being sold by another trader, you don’t need to worry about a new business coming into the market to sell the same products as you and getting a rent discount as they won’t be eligible.

Discounts and Grants Available

Multiple stall discounts are also available and prospective tenants can apply for rent grants of up to £750 to help with setup costs after committing to doing a business plan.

No Rates

Our stalls qualify for small business rates relief making them free from rates.

No Hidden Costs

The only other cost you will incur is for any electricity you consume.  However, on most stalls you are free to source your own electricity supplier and you only pay for what you use at cost.

Trusted Landlords

With us, your landlord will be Burnley Borough Council, a Local Government body.  Our leases are all standard and have been issued to hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you.

Trial Periods

Starting a business on Burnley Market gives you a way to test your products in a fun and vibrant setting where you can meet many new people and introduce them to your goods and services without going ‘all in.’.

No Lengthy Contracts

Leases are available for periods of just 3 months all the way up to 3 years and all of our leases have break clauses prior to the full term so you’re not locked into lengthy contracts.

Optional Tuesdays

Trading days are available Monday to Saturday with an optional Tuesday.

Casual Trading

Alternatively, if you are wanting to trade in second-hand goods you could try our casual Wednesday second-hand market OR if you are creative and make your own items we currently operate an Arty Crafty Market on Saturdays in the run up to Christmas.

No contracts are required for these markets and all are welcome to come along and gain experience of trading to the public in a relaxed atmosphere where stalls are only £15.

Further Information

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