Crepes – Sweet or Salty

the stall owner


We make delicious Sweet or Savoury Crepes from an extensive menu of ingredients and flavours.

If you’re in town and want a coffee or lunch, then come and find us.  You won’t be disappointed.


Our menu of sweet crepes includes:

  • Oreo and white chocolate
  • Biscoff biscuit and biscoff sauce
  • Bueno & crushed nuts
  • Strawberry and nutella
  • Banana & nutella
  • Nutella & coconut
  • Dark chocolate & orange
  • Lemon & sugar
    And so much more to choose from…


Our list of savoury crepes includes:

  • Cheese & Black Pepper
  • Cheese & Ham
  • Cheese, Ham & Pineapple
  • Cheese, Spinach & Garlic Butter
  • Turkey, Tomato, Philadelphia Light & Light Mayonaise
  • Feta, Tomato, Green Peppers, Olices, Red Onions
  • Chicken, Cheese, Sauce (BBQ/Tomato). Chorizo & Pepperoni

Coffee and Hot Drinks

We sell the perfect barista coffee and we can safely say we are the cheapest quality coffee in town.
Espresso £1
Latte £1.50 
Cappuccino £1.50
Flat white £1.50
All from the finest coffee beans.

Freddo Cappuccino £1.90
Freddo Espresso £1.50

Cold Cappuccino £ 1.90
Cold Espresso £ 1.50

Our Nuttella Hot Chocolate is delicious!!