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Mannings Bakery produces delicious, fresh bread, cakes, pies and treats daily in Burnley Markets.

All of our products contain fresh natural ingredients for maximum taste.


Our freshly made sandwiches come with a variety of tasty fillings, perfect for a lunchtime snack.  All your favourites are included such as chicken, turkey, beef, cheese, ham, tuna, beef, egg mayo, chicken tikka, Mexican chicken and pulled pork.

Pies & Pastries

Our bakery also has a large selection of savoury pies and pastries including meat and potato, cheese and onion, steak, Cornish pasty, corned beef, steak pudding, party pie, pork pie, sausage roll, cheese pasty, potato pasty, shepherd’s pie and quiche.


We also offer some scrumptious cakes such as croissants, doughnuts, Danish swirls, blackberry tarts and vanillas.

Our cake selection is vast and includes:

  • Custards, doughnuts
  • vanilla slice
  • carrot cake
  • scones
  • iced fingers
  • assorted creams
  • trifle
  • strawberry tart
  • saucer fruit
  • plate fruit
  • iced sandwich
  • Eccles cake
  • Chorley cake
  • gingerbread
  • Vienese finger
  • almond slice
  • truffles
  • paradise slice
  • American muffins
  • flapjack
  • cupcakes
  • Danish