Pets – PetmartPet Stall and Household Goods

the stall owner


The owners of Petmart established the business over 15 years ago because of our love of pets.  In that time, we have built up a wealth of experience as to what pets love and what are the best products to use to take best care of your animals.

We have lots of pet foods and pet accessories including pet carriers, pet toys, pet beds, cat scratching posts, collars, flea collars and leads.

We also stock wild bird foods, medicines and fish foods and can provide helpful advice regarding all aspects of pet ownership.

Petmart provides a delivery service on request.

Petmart also took over from Ace Domestics and stock a variety of Household items and stationery including:

  • Vacuum cleaner spares, (vacuum bags, vacuum belts, Dyson and Hoover accessories)
  • A wide variety of light bulbs (including 150 watt bulbs and energy saving bulbs)
  • Strip lights and flourescent tubes
  • Electrical items
  • Batteries
  • Tools
  • Lamps and lighting accessories
  • Kitchen accessories
  • Sieves
  • Mops
  • Pan scrubbers
  • Kitchen roll
  • Toilet roll
  • Polish
  • Car accessories
  • Bathroom cleaner
  • Washing lines and pegs
  • Wheelie bin stickers
  • DIY items
  • Fire lighters