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Burnley Market Hall is a treasure trove of the unexpected and unique. Amongst the myriad stalls you’ll find the miscellaneous and surprising, bringing you something you didn’t even know you wanted. 

From pastimes to time pieces and picture frames to prescription frames, there is more to the market than you’d expect. Make someone feel special with a personalised gift or heart-warming greetings card. Travelling down memory lane and reminiscing about the highs and lows of being a Clarets fan with lovingly curated memorabilia and signed merchandise. Looking to mend that dress that has been with you through thick and thin and that you just can’t part with? You’ll find all you need and more at our haberdashery.

thimble, pins and measure tape

All Stitches

Made-to-measure clothing and suits, clothing alterations and repairs and home furnishings.

All Stitches is your one-stop stitch shop.

e cigs and vape equipment

Always Special E-Cigarettes

The home of stuff for your e-cigs and vaping, plus they have a huge selection of fancy goods and ornaments for your home.

  • TEL: 07944 527 255
burnley football club woollen hat

Burnley Memorabilia + Sports Memorabilia

If you’re claret and blue through and through and want some cracking memorabilia from the club then pay a visit.

Burnley Memorabilia have everything from signed shirts and balls to vintage stuff. And it’s not just the Mighty Clarets – they also have memorabilia from other clubs.

  • TEL: 07443 908 796
man with a toy octopus

Burnley Toys

The shop that just screams out the phrase, “mum can I have?”

Toys, cuddly characters, action figures dress-up kits and the up-to-date poppers and fidget spinners.

Burnley Toys sell everything a toy room should have.

white balloons and roses

Carol’s Creations

Never mind 99 red balloons! Carol creates the most gorgeous balloon bouquets, balloon towers, and balloon decorations. You can even choose something to go inside a balloon.

She also creates chocolate bouquets, and funeral tributes.

  • TEL: 07845 039885

Colouring Inn

If you’re in need of your roots doing or your hair trimming, visit Colouring In, ladies and men’s hairdresser.

cooper and bear logo on a heart

Cooper & Bear

Personalised bespoke giftware, branding and more.

If you’re wanting anything personalised, this is the place you need! If you’ve a business and need branded stuff or if you want something special for gifts, they’ve got you covered!

Cooper & Bear also do a cracking line in wedding products and putting pictures on things.  They also print t-shirts and can usually fulfil an order in an hour.

  • TEL: 07771 431 856
man holding a red white and grey rug

Decor For Your Floor

Spent lockdown decorating the walls? Don’t forget your floor.

Decor For Your Floor have over 100 rugs in stock and ready to roll (pardon the pun).

G J Pets Stop

G J Pets provides pet food and is new to Burnley Market. It sells pet food, treats ,leads, toys, cat supplies rabbit supplies infact everything for your furry friend.

  • TEL: 07377560696
some lovely purple and white wool

In Stitches

In stitches is a haberdashery heaven and a crafter’s paradise. What she doesn’t sell, you don’t need.

A massive range of wools, needles, buttons, and craft kits, all in one place.

  • TEL: 07598 130 234
is it vegan

Is It Vegan?

A dedicated Vegan and produce refill store. We’ve checked all the labels so you don’t have to! All our produce is vegan and cruelty free and we have a vast array of goods for you to refill. Reuse, Refill, Rethink

We only get one Earth – let’s look after it. Even a little change like refilling your shampoo bottle or washing up a liquid bottle saves so many plastic bottles. We need to act now before it’s too late for future generations. We will be selling refill pasta, grains, dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, vegan sweets, toiletries, kitchen utensils, bathroom utensils, bath bombs, fresh vegan food, store cupboard essentials and so much more. We’ve done all the hard work so that you don’t have to check a single label. It’s all vegan and cruelty-free. We have a fabulous sweetie pick and mix section too !

  • TEL: 07939 123420
very shiny cat statue

It’s a Bling Thing

Do you love shiny things for your home? It’s a Bling Thing does what it says, with the most gorgeous stock of crushed diamond ornaments, mirrors, and even angel wings.

It’s bang on trend, it’s in stock and it’s ready for you to take away.

  • TEL: 07845 039 885
Smiling shop owner with illuminated bottle art

Martha’s Kitchen

It doesn’t get chucked out… it gets upcycled!

Martha’s Kitchen is the home of upcycling art including glassware and bottle art (don’t worry the bottles have been donated).

samsung and iphones for sale

Mobile Care

Not only a repair shop and unlocking service for your phones, they also sell all the accessories and gadgets you need for your phones and electrical equipment.

  • TEL: 01282 220718
the owner of the stall reads the news


All you need from a traditional newsagent, right here in the market!

Newspapers and magazines (of course) and cigarettes, cigars, e liquids and e-cigs, chocolate, sweets, drinks, stationery and phone cards all in one place.

the NexGen crew

Nexgen Entertainment

Everyone’s heard of Nexgen,  ‘cause when you drop your phone in the loo someone will say, “take it to Nexgen.”

They offer a full repair and unlocking service for mobile phones, as well as a repair service for iPods, iPads and laptops.

  • TEL: 01282 421424
a brightly coloured bag

On Trend Bagz

Designer inspired handbags at high street prices… we know! We couldn’t believe it either!

The handbags are designer-inspired and are all on trend with all the latest fashions and styles.


Lady offering bright coloured bath bombs

Pure Massage

Relax, Revive and Renew… Pure Massage offers Swedish, deep tissue, and aroma massages.

They also have an astonishing range of bath bombs (not unlike those from a famous high street store but for less money) – so be thebombdotcom! Email:

  • TEL: 07931 193 564
Choosing new glasses

Purely Spectacles

Call in with your prescriptions and away they go!

Purely Spectacles can usually turn glasses around in an hour, if they have them in stock. Prices start from £19.

Purely Spectacles will see you right.

stall holder with two fashionable tee-shirts

R & L Discounts Children’s Discount Store & Pound Shop Lines

Here’s a stall that does what it says on the tin: discount wares, and children’s clothes and shoes.

You can kit out your kid cheaply (but not so they’re looking rubbish). With designer labels starting at £5.

portrait of the eyebrow bar owner smiling

Sham’s Eyebrow Bar

Sham’s specialise in eyebrow threading and face threading. They also do eyebrow and eyelash tinting and extensions, hair styling, henna and much more.

Look no further! Chuck out those false lashes and get them done professionally.

  • TEL: 07438 114005
sugar rush


A sweet shop that sells sweeties- so if you want 2 ounce of pear drops or cola cubes this is the place – All your old favorites and your new favorites to. In the heart of Burnley Market.

Susan with some of her amazing greetings cards

Susan’s Card Shop

Folk love a nice card and Susan has them for all occasions. She also has gift bags, fancy packaging, sashes, birthday banners.

Everything you need, whatever you’re celebrating.

stall owner holding a mother earth statue

The Curious Cat

Channel your inner witch and stock up for your spells.

We have a vast selection of crystals, incense, and everything for the discerning white witch. We also stock a huge range of tarot cards and much, much, more.

  • TEL: 07598 130 234
The Untidy Bookshelf

The Untidy Bookshelf

Selling new and pre loved books in Burnley Market

A very fancy watch

Time Piece Electricals

Folk travel miles to get their watch repairs done here. From Casio to Rolex, he does them all and he also fits watch batteries.

If it ticks he can fix it!

He also sells a wide range of household electronics.

  • TEL: 07438 321 388
bedding and throws

VK Homeware

Everything to dress your bed with gorgeous bed sets.

We also call him the pillow man because VK has a huge selection of hotel quality pillows starting at a fiver, and if cushions are your thing he has loads!

our framer with a picture of a dog

You’ve Been Framed

Get those pictures and paintings, or even signed shirts, shown off to their best and up on your wall.

You’ve Been Framed can frame anything. It’s all made-to-measure and just for you.

  • TEL: 07443 908 796